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I decided I wanted to post more, but there just isn’t that much exciting things going on in my life. I do read a TON of blogs, though and a lot of times, I think “I should share this with my friends!” But I know how everyone feels about Facebook spam, so I thought I’d start collecting interesting blog entries and just sharing them once a week here, on my blog (hmm, blogging about blogging? Weird). So, here are the ones I’ve gathered for this week. Enjoy!

An entry from a food blog about cooking for oneself, with some tips. I have been seriously slacking off on cooking for myself lately, and this is a nice reminder how enjoyable it can be.

Is the way to a man’s heart really through his stomach? Advertising execs used to think so. Here is some vintage sexism to prove the point. Personally, I like cooking for my man, but I don’t do it so he won’t become “bored” with me.

I love peas and I love potatoes… why not have them together? I’ll be trying this out soon!

As tourney season approaches, I say you can never be a big enough flirt (as long as you’re not overstepping the boundaries of your own relationship!). I feel like some of the “fight for your lady”-ness of tourneys is lost in the SCA these days. This article about fan flirting reminds me why we wear our fighter’s favors, and why fighters should always remember there’s someone in their corner, rooting for only them.

I love popcorn, but I’m not good at making it without my air-popper. This article illustrates the best way to do it. I’ll be having some pan-made popcorn this weekend, believe it!


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