Around the Interwebs 2

More links I found this week:

Sports (more than just hockey – sometimes):
Hockey and depression: Going from ‘I’m fine’ to “I need help’ – An interesting article about NHL hockey and depression. This was fascinating to me. I’ve always kind of wondered about how these guys bounce back, and I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking about their mental health.

NHL players want action to prevent more deaths – I found this article after the previous one, but it actually came first. The previous article is a follow up.

Random (Stuff that made me laugh, or just stuff):
It Kind of Feels like a Hollow Victory – This THAT’s what married people talk about.

Harry Potter Game Night – This is freakin’ awesome! I want to do it and I’m way over the recommended age.

How to Speak Wookiee – A girl’s guide to the fuzziest language.

How to Sew a Button – And other nifty things your grandmother knew. I ordered this book this week and can’t wait for it to come. I don’t have the closest relationship with my grandma, so hopefully this will make me feel more connected.

The Lost Hero – I just finished this book, and I highly recommend it for any fans of the Percy Jackson series. You can borrow my copy (as long as you promise to return it).

Crochet Magazine – I bought the latest issue, and it’s filled with lots of good ideas, some of which will become Christmas presents for people I know.

Living Art – For my mother, who loves art, crafting, and gardening.

Food (because I don’t talk about it enough, apparently):
Roasted Tomatillo Serrano Pepper Salsa – For my favorite Sister-in-Law, since she’s been growing tomatillos.

Amazingly Easy Rich Lemon Tart – This tart is so going on my “bake me” list.

Owls of a Flavor Measuring Cups – I must have these for my kitchen!

Fashion (aka: stuff Tricia would buy if she could afford it, or fit into it):
Iced Coffee Couture Handbag – my fashion pick of the week. I’m so obsessed with this bag that writing the link html was the eleventh time I’d visited that page since yesterday.

Fresh Aerial Coat – A little funky, a little frilly, just my style.

Student of Chic Heel – Think sexy librarian.

That’s a Wrap Top – Now that the weather is cold, this frilly top is just what I’m looking for!

Scholarly Pursuits Jacket – Everyone needs a little military style in their life, right?

Rouche and Swoosh Top – A t-shirt with a twist, literally.

Style Sultana Necklace – I’m a sucker for turquois.

Eye of Elegance Necklace – No, really, I am.


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