Around the Interwebs 4

Sports (more than just hockey – sometimes):
Pavel Datsyuk Switches Numbers to Honor Fallen Teammate – LOVE this man. Such a sweet gesture.

Random (Stuff that made me laugh, or just stuff):
Man Ups – Pin ups, but of men. Heh.

Do U Hafta – Probably the best anti-war message I’ve ever seen.

Zombie Caterpillars – No, really, I cannot make this stuff up!

Only the Best Cat House of All (Space and) Time! – Romeo needs one of these. No, really, he does.

Food (because I don’t talk about it enough, apparently):
Bacon is… – Mmm…. bacon…

The latest soft drink – For when you’re down one.

Whoo likes coffee? – I know I do!

Ben & Jerry’s Does it Again – What does a chocolate Han Solo taste like?

For those questioning their vegetarianism – And what a lovely alternative it is!

Cinnamon Caramel Apple Pumpkins – So cute, and oh so delicious-looking!

Fashion (aka: stuff Tricia would buy if she could afford it, or fit into it):
Cool Companion Gloves – Fashion Pick of the Week. These will be mine. I’m ordering them right now!

So Very Prairie Dress – I don’t usually do giant bows, but for some reason, I love this dress. Very unique.

Potluck of Awesomeness Apron – Is it too early to start making my Christmas list? This apron would be right on top!

Artsy Fartsy (I didn’t make it, but I wish I had!):

Natural Dye Book – For anyone who’s contemplated dying fabrics themselves like they did in the good old days.

A&S 50: Nine: Learn to Weave – Basic Tabby Structure, Rigid Heddle Loom – Love the Dublin Style Viking Hood. MUST HAVE.


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