Around the Interwebs 5

I decided instead of doing this once a week, I’d just do it when I felt like I had enough links for an entire post. Also, I write reviews on every movie I’ve seen. There’s a side board for it (with new links that have been fixed!) but I also have a livejournal for it here!

Sports (more than just hockey – sometimes):
Competitors & Hospitality – These two commercials cracked me up. I can’t wait to see this years versions.

Random (Stuff that made me laugh, or just stuff):
Full Scale Carpet Drawn by Hand – No, really, by hand. And with a Bic Pen, no less.

Kustom Kills and Hot Rod Thrills – Photos from the Kustom Kills and Hot Rod Thrills event in Brooklyn, NY. So drooling over these cars. Me want!

Classic American Cars of the 1930s – Where I did research for my story. Very neat cars here.

The NONONONO Cat – At work we decided to play this all day because it had us laughing so hard we forgot how much our day was sucking.

Enzo Ferrari: The Story of the Black Prancing Horse – Cool video about the man behind the car.

Food (because I don’t talk about it enough, apparently):
Cake Stencils – Because I need an excuse to make more cake.

Gift Taste Dot Com – This website has a lot of great food gifts under $25. They all look so delicious, I might have to buy some gifts for myself.

Chocolae Button Tree Cake – Love these chocolate buttons. And so easy, too!

One Ingredient Many Ways: Potatoes – An awesome article on my favorite (starch?) vegetable!

Make Your Own Ketchup – I may have to try this!

Delicious and Unprocessed Flavored Coffee Creamer – For all my friends who love coffee and creamer but want to be healthier.

Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cupcakes – Don’t worry, Friday Night Friends, I will be making these for you soon.

Fashion (aka: stuff Tricia would buy if she could afford it, or fit into it):
The Way to My Heart – I’m kind of in love with this dress (and this girl’s hair).

Sparkled Apricot Nails – LOVE this idea for different things for your nails. I might have to start doing this.

Artsy Fartsy (I didn’t make it, but I wish I had!):
Fat Quarter in “Cook It” – I need an apron out of this. If only they had more of it, and not just a fat quarter.


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