Boston, Day 1

– Breakfast with my Celt before the drive to O’Hare. Mmm… Sophia’s.
– Waiting is not something I’m good at, but yay Starbucks!
– There is something awesome about playing Rock Band at 30,000 feet.
– Billy Joel on my iPhone makes everything better.
– The clouds look like whipped cream. It’s making me hungry.
– Landed at gate B3, next flight was at gate B31, and I had five minutes to get there, and I had to pee! It was my exercise for the day!
– Finally got to throw food down my face at 4:30. I was starving!
– The guy next to me is funny. We laughed about the hokey safety video. Guy in front of me is one of those “chair in your face” kind of guys. I want to throw bits of paper in his hair!
– I miss my Celt. 😦
– Holy turbulence, Batman. I feel kind of sick. This cabin is over-crowded and stuffy. One more hour or so still. Too crowded in this row for sleep.
– This flight is making me wish I lived someplace small like England. America is too friggin’ big!
– it suddenly just occurred to me that this is as far East as I’ve ever been. Go me.
– Oh thank god! Captain just said twenty-five minutes. Whew. The descent is already making me dizzy, though. 😦
– it occurred to me while I was in Atlanta that I was happy Kari Lehtonen was no longer playing for the Thrashers (who aren’t even the Thrashers anymore) so we wouldn’t be in the same city even for thirty minutes!
– The Captain was not joking about this descent being rocky! Wow. I’m practically clinging to funny guy. At least I have Straight No Chaser on my iPod to soothe me!
– Bruins jersey on the plane!!
– ibuprofen and fresh air! Just what the doctor ordered.
– Kristen is so adorable. I can’t believe we’ve know each other so long and never met.
– There’s this really flat stuff with cheese on it that they call pizza here. It’s delicious! But it doesn’t look like pizza to this Midwesterner. Oh East Coast, you’re so silly.
– Hotel room is cute! And there are no loud neighbors beneath me. I already love this place.
– Lots of chatting. Tentative plans to go to the aquarium tomorrow and maybe the Bruins game. Maybe solo bar hoping tomorrow evening. Yeah I’m winging this.
– It’s late and I’m so tired. Should go to sleep even though I get to sleep in tomorrow. Night all!


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