Boston, Day 2

– Why am I awake at 7:30 when I didn’t go to sleep until 12:30? Might go get breakfast at main house and then lie in bed and watch tv.
– Um… It’s already 59 degrees outside! Sweet! I didn’t think this was going to be like a tropical vacation. 😀
-Tried to raid the travel brochures in the lobby, but all the fliers are about Maine and New Hampshire. >.<
– I love the Internet. I found a website with Diners, Drive-ins and Dives locations in Massachusetts. And I found a diner only 6 minutes from the New England Aquarium! The rest I can figure out through Google Maps and Four Square.
– Also, typing upside-down while lying in bed is proving difficult.
– Change in plans, going to the Ocean!
– New Brother's Deli for breakfast; Kristen and Theresa's favorite spot. They cook it right in front of you, and it was neat to watch. I hate to admit it but I had the corned beef hash and it was so good! Don't tell my Celt! 😡
– Salem!
– Omg, I left my wallet at the Deli! We had to go get it. I'm dumb.
– So many witch shops in Salem!
– Just passed the Hawthorne Hotel which was on Ghost Hunters took pic for Maggie.
– Salem is a pretty town, with lots of history. Saw the Witch House and the old town hall, some neat churches and a statue of "some old Puritan dude" according to Kristen. Lol
– No actual witches were burned in the making of this tour.
– So many old cemeteries. My Celt would love this place.
– Meeting Theresa now! She's very upbeat!
– Both Hockey gnomes have been delivered.
– Listening to the two of them talk about directions is hilarious!
– Theresa thinks Pavel Datsuyk looks like he grew up too close to Chernobyl! Scandalous!
– Gloucster!
– I have finally seen the ocean. I have no words. It's… Indescribable.
– We turned down this random street and found this neat little place called Solomon Jacob's Public Landing. Neat statue and house.
– The streets here in Gloucster are so tiny like in Europe. It feels so foreign. ❤
– Headed to Rock Port.
– Marshes!
– Kristen is serenading me. Lol
– I've been in Rock Port for 10 minutes and I already want to live here.
– Bead store! Spent way too much!
– More ocean. Omg, love it so much. So beautiful.
– Sad to leave Rock Port. Love it here.
– We totally didn't follow Theresa's directions at all but we found it. I love getting lost.
– Kristen just promised to show me a "real roast beef" sandwich. Sounds like a delicious challenge to me!
– Ok she was right. Land 'n' Sea has amazing roast beef.
– Theresa has so many awesome jerseys that I'm jealous, but we're on our way to Boston for the game!
– They both know so much more about Hockey than me. I'm just sitting in the back seat absorbing.
– From the front seat, "omg, I get to see the oct-o-pus!" lol
– Omg, giant high bridge! Eek!
– Parking garage! Scary!!
– So the Garden is totally a train station too? That puts the United Center to shame.
– Now Kristen is dancing and doing air guitar. And my day is complete.
– There is nothing like live hockey! ❤ ❤ .<
– The guy in front of me stands whenever the Bruins have a chance so I never get to see what's going on.
– it's not a proper hockey game unless someone spills beer on me.
– My new best friends, Dave and Michelle, are sweet, if not quiet, seat neighbors. Even for Devils fans.
– Kristen just came up here to tell me that Niklas Kronwall was hit from behind during the Wings game and he's injured. 😦 😦 😦
– Goal number 2 by the Bruins. Patrice with the assist. He loves me. Lol
– Devils score to tie it up. Dave is pleased.
– Bruins score!!
– Oh Devils. Stop copying us!
– Ice Girls are the dumbest thing to come to hockey ever.
– Bruins score with three minutes left!
– Bruins win and Michelle had predicted the outcome to the exact numbers. Very cool.
– Post game trip to Somic. Mmm, Cherry Limeade.
– Got to watch videos of Ian ad Maggie's winter concert thanks to my Celt. ❤
– Long, but awesome day. So tired! Tomorrow Boston and aquarium. Night all. ❤


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