Boston, Day 3

– Nothing like being woken by a car alarm at 7 a.m. When you went to bed at 1:30!
– Weather Channel is saying rain all day. Ugh!!
– Aquarium and Duck Tour of Boston today. Gotta say, I’m a little nervous about being on a boat, but I’ve got my big girl britches on, so I’m prepared for anything!
– Just passed Harvard. Does that make me smarter?
– Outside a restaurant called Five Napkin Burger, “making beef and bloody buddies since 2008”
– Our Duck Tour boat is named Theresa, and our conductor has a kilt! His name is “Mac N’Quack.”
– Quack! Quack!
– Mac is the first person I’ve met so far with a “Boston accent.”
– So many “oldest in America” buildings here.
– Frog Appreciation Day? No way!
– Police behind us. How does an all-terrain vehicle pull over?
– Cambridge!
– Piece of the Berlin wall. Wow.
– I’m in the Charles River!
– I’m a little terrified right now. Hooray for conquering fears!
– There is now a little girl driving our boat. I feel safe. :-/
– On the bridge, there is a marble Viking prow because they thought the Vikings explored here, but they didn’t.
– Mac knows so much stuff! Wow. There’s no way I can type out all his tidbits.
– Apparently these ducks were originally built by women during the war.
– USS Constitution.
– Apparently in the early 1900’s a tank of molasses split and sent a 20 foot wave down the street!
– So the Boston Massacre wasn’t really a massacre? Huh.
– William Wordsworth, inventor of the crossword puzzle is buried in Boston. Bad puns ensued.
– Mother Goose was real!
– Birthplace of Edgar Allen Poe.
– Tour over; hopping on the T.
– Lunch at Sam Legrassa’s. So amazing. Had my first pastrami po’boy ever. So yummy!
– Aquarium!
– Touching rays never gets old. Never.
– Filming the jellyfish. So pretty!
– Rock Hopper Penguins! ā¤
– Sea lion up close. I want to scritch him.
– It's raining and it couldn't be more beautiful.
– Deep ocean tank is amazing. I want to get in and swim around but I'd get eaten.
– Mertle the sea Turtle is huge and beautiful. šŸ™‚
– Baracuda are playful!
– Speaker giving off noise from the electricity the eel is giving off. So neat.
– Raining, but Kristen is smart and brought an umbrella!
– Apparently Ryan Reynolds is in town. Should I stalk him? Nah, I'm too tired.
– Subway again. I have conquered so many stairs in the last few days too. No falling. Gold star!
– So many Dunkin Donuts!
– Rush hour traffic doubled our trip, but compared to Chi- town, it was breezy.
– What do three girls do when they're exhausted and it's raining outside? Talk about roleplaying while playing on their phones, of course. We're nerds. ā¤
– Delicious Mexican food. Had to have the chimichangas to compare with my fave place back home. Different but still tasty! Now stuffed and exhausted. Sleepy.
– We called it an early night so we could rest and so I could write postcards. Such a fun day, though!



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