Boston, Day 4

– Ibuprofen first thing in the morning I think is a good sign that you’ve been having fun. LOL
– I’m marveling that three days have passed already. On one hand it feels like I’ve been here longer because I’ve seen so much, but on the other, it feels like I just left home!
– Felt so good to lay in bed and watch tv. *stretch*
– Breakfast at Artie’s Place. Nice little hole in the wall.
– Headed to West Roxbury to see the Laser Quest that Kristen opened.
– Starbucks!
– Wandering around in a LQ during off hours is an experience. Black light animals and a maze. Very cool. And it makes Kristen so happy to show off something she built and opened and that’s fun to see.
– There are some scary people who shop at the Dollar store.
– At the mall just for Haagen-Daaz. We wandered a bit and shopped for make up. I’m proud of myself for not purchasing any.
– Owl hat!! Kristen named him Burt.
– So much chatting in the car.
– Stopped at the library to check in for my flight for tomorrow.
– Picking up Theresa to head into Boston for the game.
– On our way back to the Garden, but first meeting Kristen’s dad.
– I’ve seen the skyline now three times and it still impresses me.
– Three girls singing aloud to The Rasmus. Good times.
– Holy crowded restaurant!
– I’ve never eaten at a restaurant with more than one floor before. I ordered one of the specialties.
– The restaurant was called The Fours and I had a sammich called the Tony C: a veal parmesan sandwich. The flavor was good but it was hard to eat.
– Shopping at the pro shop. I bought a Bergeron t-shirt because he loves me. 🙂
– Game time!
– Scoreless first period. Boo.
– Columbus scored first but the Bruins tied it minutes later.
– Thorton and Boll in a fight!! Rawr!
– Theresa: “I feel like Patrice Bergeron is like that kid who always falls for the ‘let’s all jump in the pool’ joke.” LOL
– You could not pay me enough to be an usher at a hockey game and have to escort drunk people back to their seats all night.
– I just realized that Tuesday’s game was the first time I’ve ever seen a team I like play on home ice.
– Overtime. Free hockey!
– Shootout!
– BRUINS WIN!!! As Kristen would say, “Tuukka Rask was a beast!”
– I’m totally down for having ice cream twice in one day. Mm, maple pecan.
– Wow, a guy rear-ended us in the parking garage and I may have squeaked! We are ok and no real damage. Whew!
– Back in my hotel room, all packed and ready for bed.
– I’ll spare everyone the details of my trip home tomorrow and just share my final thoughts:

I can’t tell you how badly I needed this. I met friends I have been talking to for years and never knew in person. I learned so much about a place I always wanted to visit. I saw the ocean, an unfathomable depth of water stretching out in front of me. I climbed stairs and rocks, walked alleys and streets unknown. I saw how other people lived. I did cheesy things, and awesome things, and fun things and ate food that was so delicious. I remembered a little piece of myself that I thought gone and I did things that scare me.

I couldn’t have done it without Kristen’s wonderful company. And being around Theresa reminded me to smile a lot more. I feel like I’m leaving two wonderful friends behind and I have no idea how to thank them. ❤

Tomorrow I return back home, to my own bed and my Celt and my fuzzy BFF. I'm going to plan a trip in to Chicago soon.

It's been a great vacation.



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