I like books

For years now, I’ve been seeing folks subscribe to reading 50 books in a year. This always kind if bummed me out, because I am not a fast reader and never have been (which would be one of the biggest reasons I never stuck with college). But I do enjoy reading – always have – and I do feel like reading books is a healthy escapism, and helps me improve my mind.

That said, I’ve decided to try reading 25 books in a year. I thought I’d post my progress here. So here is my current queue (all the unread/half started books stacked next to my bed and all of the ones on my kindle I haven’t begun yet). Please help by cheering me on, and maybe joining in!

1. Relic by Preston & Child
– Started 11/23/2011

– Dead Beat by Butcher

– How to Sew a Button by Bried

– The Help by Stockett

– Son of Neptune by Riordan

– Dead(ish) by Kramer

– The Hunger Games by Collins

– Charmed Life by Jones

– Linger by Stiefvater

– Water for Elephants by Gruen


2 thoughts on “I like books

  1. The Hunger Games was a nice, fast paced read. The movie is coming out in March for North America, so I would suggest you may want to read it before then! I thought Linger had a faster pace than Shiver, but I liked it just the same. 🙂

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