Question: Which Books Count?

It’s been two months since I started my “25 Books in One Year” Challenge and I’ve fallen behind a bit… sort of.

I’m still a book ahead of my four books by January 23rd goal, but now I’m behind schedule reading my books due for February 23rd. The reason for this is that I stopped reading my current books to finish off a manga series I’ve been working at on and off for the past year, called Fruits Basket. I read 12 volumes of this manga series, which included 71 chapters. Even though the artwork takes up most of the page, and you don’t even have an entire paragraph worth of dialogue on each page, that is still a lot of reading.

The trouble is, I feel like these books shouldn’t really count toward my 25-in-a-year goal, and I suppose that is because the amount of work that went into reading so many volumes was very minimal compared to how much work it would have taken me to read 12 books. However, it was reading, and I do feel like I should get some kind of credit for so much time spent pouring over these pages.

I also want to re-read a book from my childhood, The Boxcar Children, which I’ve already downloaded onto my Kindle from This book will take a few hours to read, since the words are familiar, and the text is written for a child of ten. Should this book count as well? I’ve never tried to read a certain amount of books in a certain period of time, and I’m unsure whether or not reading manga or children’s books is cheating or not.

What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Question: Which Books Count?

  1. I think both count. The Boxcar Children books would probably be considered middle grade now (books for ages 8-12 or so) it’s still a book and it still counts. I don’t read a lot of middle grade books, but I do read a fair amount of YA, and they tend to be shorter books. If you choose not to count that book, why doesn’t it count? Is it too short? If so, where do you draw the line? Fahrenheit 451 is only about 195 pages, it definitely counts.

    As for the manga, I would probably count it as one book if it tells one coherent story. Last year I read Watchmen which was released in 12 issues, my copy is all 12 issues in one volume, so I counted it as one book. I’ve heard of Fruits Basket before, but I’m not familiar with it. If it has 71 chapters across however many volumes I would probably consider it one book.

    • You’re right, it would be quite difficult to draw the line on what should count and what shouldn’t, based on ease of reading, or length. I also like your idea of counting all of the volumes I read as one book, since they are one story broken into volumes. Pride and Prejudice was published in three volumes, but we count it in this day and age as one book. Makes a lot of sense. Thank you!

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