Not Getting Any Younger

I read this blog called Back to Her Roots written by a girl named Cassie who’s a few years younger than me. She bought her childhood home from her parents and moved back there to live a simpler life. But when I read a lot of her posts, I can really relate. She’s trying to lose weight but not by crash dieting (and she weighs almost exactly the same as me). She struggles with the same desires to do crafts but also the need to work. And she’s really into cooking and cooking with whole, good-for-you-foods. 


What’s truly inspired me lately though, is she created a “Thirty before Thirty” list of things she wanted to get done before she turned thirty. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I decided (since I’m already over thirty) I’d create a “Forty before Forty” list. Just a compilation of things, great and small, that I wouldn’t mind accomplishing in the five and a half years before I turn forty. 


1. Finish a multi-chapter story.
2. Visit Boston again.
3. Visit Vancouver.
4. See Pavel Datsyuk play in person.
5. Read every Jane Austen Novel.
6. Read everything by Shel Silverstein.
7. Read everything by Astrid Lindgren.
8. Go one week wearing a dress every day.
9. Buy a Vespa.
10. Make an entire piece of furniture.
11. Hand-make an entire garment.
12. Buy an ice cream maker and invent my own ice cream flavor.
13. Walk from my apartment on Pearl to Mark’s mom’s house.
14. Take a hot air balloon ride.
15. Learn to shoot archery.
16. Cook a meal over an open fire.
17. Design, plan & orchestrate a lunch or feast at an event.
18. Make fresh pasta from scratch.
19. Get a facial at a spa.
20. Get a pedicure.
21. Make every recipe from Baking: From my Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan
22. Own a pair of Tom’s.
23. Volunteer for a charity or the library.
24. Lose another fifty pounds.
25. Have a meal at a 5 Star restaurant.
26. Plant something and help it grow.
27. See the symphony play again.
28. Go to another play @ The Starlight Theater.
29. See a whale in person.
30. Hold an owl.
31. Get several more tattoos.
32. Wear a dress that could have been pulled out of Jane Austen novel.
33. Take a cooking class.
34. Eat REAL barbeque from one of the states famous for barbeque.
35. Finish an embroidered scenery panel.
36. Stay a weekend at the Viking Inn in Minnesota.
37. Buy an entire outfit at
38. Host a tea party.
39. Go to another Canucks game (even if it’s at the United Center).
40. Complete this list.


I’m close to completing a few of these, actually, and some of them might take a lot of saving and scrimping, but I think it’s all doable if I work hard. I’m about to start a new chapter of my life and I’m highly looking forward to it. Hopefully this list can keep me focused on doing some of the things I’ve always wanted to do. 


Do you have a list? What are some of the goals you’d like to accomplish before your next milestone birthday? 


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