I find it incredibly difficult to sit down and begin writing about myself. Updating a blog is easy – you just write whatever it is you’re doing at the moment. Writing your own biography is quite a different matter. What information is necessary, and what is just too much? What will other people care to know about me, and what am I willing to share?

So, when I began to write this, I pretended to interview myself as a potential new friend, and decided to talk about all the things I’d ask me if I was trying to decide if I was potential friend material. So, without further ado, here goes:

My name is Tricia, I’m thirty-two, and I grew up in Rockford, Illinois. My parents are Ken, Sr., and Pam, and I have an older brother, also named Ken, and a sister-in-law, named Missy (I also have two furry siblings, Rusty the dachshund and Ringo the cat). I have my own cat named Romeo. My family on my mother’s side is Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, and my father’s side, among a large smattering of other things,  is English, French-Canadian, and Cherokee. I went to Conklin Elemetary, West Middle School, and Auburn High School, and attempted college at Rock Valley Jr. College.

I’ve recently been adopted into another family – the one belonging to My Celt. His three amazing children (hereafter referred to as “The Celtlings” with subsequent numbering to refer to which one), mother, grandmother, aunt and cousins have welcomed me with open arms. I’m even beginning to like the dog.

A large part of my hobbies are encompassed within the realm of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval re-enactment group. I joined the SCA when I was 19, and left again when I was 25. When I came back two years ago, I decided that I was going to pursue my own interests, instead of following along with everyone else. I’ve since launched myself headlong into learning fiber arts and sewing, making garb, learning Viking whipcord, embroidery, weaving on an inkle loom, lucet and spinning. I also have an interest in period cooking, and music, though I have yet to study much into those. I research everything I can about Norse culture and lore, adopting a 10th century Viking persona named Asa Farbjorsdottir. Along with my Celt, I attend many events throughout the year, and have made some very good friends within the society. Recently, I’ve become Seneschal of our local Shire, and have begun getting involved in the workings of the SCA.

Outside of the SCA, I enjoy crochet, reading, video games, baking and cooking. My musical tastes are all over the place, from pop to hard rock to classical, and even, on occasion, enjoy a little rap. I’m an avid movie buff, and live on my Netflix queue. I’m a hockey fan, rooting for the Vancouver Canucks, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Detroit Red Wings, but I also enjoy Major League Soccer, and am desperately trying to learn to love football. I like to write stories, and paint every once in a while, and I’ve recently begun a love affair with photography. This past year, I discovered a love for collecting postcards from all over the world, and I’m registered with

On Fridays, I geek out with my brother, sister-in-law, and friends at a weekly game group. We play all different kinds of RPGs, and I’m afraid I’m not very good at it, but I do enjoy it immensely. My favorite RPGs are Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Seas, and Star Wars.  I like to try to play something different each time, picking characters with traits that I don’t possess, to try to get into the mind of someone else, but I probably don’t succeed too much. It’s fun to try, though.

I hate asparagus. My favorite color is purple. I love owls, cats, pigs and raccoons. I’ve always wanted to be called Emma. And that’s probably all you ever really need to know about me.


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