I like to give shout outs to all my friends that are also making very awesome websites. Here’s a list. Check back often because it’s always growing.

Life of Thorfinn – My Celt’s thoughts on SCA, life and single fatherhood.

Inked Icon – My brother Ken’s artwork on He’s pretty good at it, so please go look.

Boston Bruins V-Blog — My friend Kristen’s thoughts on the Boston Bruins, in video form. She’s adorable, and insightful, so please check it out.

J.A. Detman Dot Com – My friend Jason talks about life, and his journeys through the world of board games and RPGs. He’s a pretty insightful dude, so check it out.

Tirwen’s Stories – Another deviant art page by my friend Glenda, filled with stories galore.

Sock Monkey Sound – My friend Lindsey writes for this Rockford, Illinois music-based website. It’s pretty neat, and talks about the musical goings on in and around Rockford.

Sacred Grounds — My friend Westly’s webcomic about working in a coffee shop!

Hexe Henna Designs & Obscure Vision Photography — My friend Erica and her husband, Lee, both have websites, though they’re vastly different, I think. Both worth a check out, though!!

Jeff’s Page — My friend Jeff’s thoughts about life and raising a family in this day and age.

Fra of All Trades — My friend Francine’s place on the internet.

Lisa’s Website – My friend Lisa’s place for creative ideas!

Chasing Checkers – My friend Jenni’s blog about the Charlotte Checkers hockey team!


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